Samsun, the city which has become identified with the National struggle and the liberation of the country, is the symbol of our nation’s rebirth and the source of great joy and pride. The war of independence which was started in Samsun is a heroic first step that shaped the world, changed the course of history with the brilliant moves of War Veteran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

The location in which the first step of the War of Independence was taken and the torch of independence was lit on the 19th of May 1919, Samsun will celebrate the 100th anniversary of this nation-wide movement on 2019, as a city Turkey and the whole world will watch, has focused on and will admire.

‘100th Anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and His Fellow Fighters Setting Forth to Samsun Celebration Project’ organized by the coordination of Samsun Governorship is the most important pillar of the popularization and communication strategy of the brand value that is recognized in the world in terms of not only education, literature and history but also culture, arts and sports, in order to start the first spark with the spirit of the 19th of May 1919 for the following centennials and hand down this great historical legacy to the next generation.

In this context, with the purpose of planning the events for the 100th year of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and His Fellow Fighters setting forth to Samsun and celebrate the occasion befittingly to Samsun on 2019, a regulatory committee was formed under the presidency of the Samsun Governor Mr. Osman KAYMAK, the Garrison Command, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, Provincial Directorate of Culture, Provincial Directorate of National Education. The subject committee is the decision maker in planning all the events to take place in our city for celebration, their content, and planning.

In addition, a ‘100th Anniversary Coordination Center’ has been established in order to monitor the works and procedures for the determined events to be carried into effect. The team which is comprised of different institutions will follow all the events to take place during the year 2019.

Our main objective in these efforts is to inspire the work that is being done to accomplish the goals of our country reaching to 2023 and identify the 100th anniversary 19th of May 2019, the date the great leader Ataturk called ‘My Birthday,’ with Samsun in the mind of every Turk.

Another objective is to increase the public’s participation in all the events to come in Samsun. We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Kaya Tuncer CAGLAYAN, Prof. Dr. Dursun Ali AKBULUT, Prof. Dr. Nedim IPEK, Prof. Dr. Onder DUMAN being in the first place, for their contributions for the website we created with this purpose, through their knowledge and experience, Ondokuz Mayıs University and their academics, Ahi Evran University lecturer Durdana SAHIN, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Cultural and Social Affairs historian Ercan YALCIN, Samsun BILSEM (Sciences and Arts Training Center) history teacher Mehmet KOSEOGLU, TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Association) Department of Archives, Milliyet Newspaper which has published a ‘War of Independence Gazette’ as an extension newspaper describing the years of the Independence War with the archive studies they had carried out, The Association of Local History and DR. Murat MALLI.

You can access the events to be held on our website and share your feeling, thoughts, and suggestions on the website.

100th Year Celebrations Committee