This city contains an incredible diversity in itself with its geography, climate and people. Samsun is slanted towards versatility, not monotony. You can witness a different side of the city every moment.

Starting from Enete which is the oldest name of the city known, Samsun is a marvelous city with its 7000 years of history, culture and historic values from the first bronze age to Kaskians, Hittites, Miletus, Athenians, Persians and Turks.

It is a complete diversity of mountains, plateaus, sea, history and culture. This city is the first place that Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk lighted the torch for the first time.

There are a lot of activities from paragliding to riding, from mountain hiking to sea entertainments, from thermal springs which are cure-all to riding centers, snowboarding and grass skiing, golf and real tennis. You may choose one or many of them from tens of options for the same day.

Thanks to the location of the city which is located at the center of Black Sea region and its use as a transition point in the past, you can easily access and the city have had a great historic value. It is the most accessible junction point of the history and the geography via land, railway, sea and airway.

If you enjoy eating, you should add the tastes of this city to your eating repertoire when you visit Samsun. There are a lot of places where you can taste our local foods at the center and the districts of the city. In addition to those places, there are a few things that we can recommend for you.

Maybe, you heard it as “Samsun Pidesi” (Samsun Pita). Actually, there are 3 different pitas with the names of Bafra Pidesi, Çarşamba Pidesi and Terme Pidesi and they are also registered geographically.

Kaz tiridi (Brewis made from goose meat) is registered in the names of Lâdik, Kavak and Havza districts.

Thanks to its durability, nutrition and energy potential, Bafra Nokulu was loved by the sailors in the past; now, it is a taste known by everyone.

And you should try ice cream, creamy Turkish Delight and other dairy products made of milk of buffalos that are raised in a natural environment in Kızılırmak delta in Bafra.

In Çarşamba, Çarşamba kıvratması which is known as the baklava without syrup is a famous food. We do not bother to remind you Samsun Simidi (Samsun Bagel).

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